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Authentication Provider Log

We are transitioning from Blackboard Learn to Canvas.  In Blackboard we have a tool that allows us to view the Authentication Log of users via the admin interface, which displays:

  • Username
  • Type of Login Event (Successful Logins, Invalid Login Attempts, Successful Logouts, and Errors)
  • IP Address
  • Date & Timestamp
  • Authentication Provider

With Canvas, I do not see where I can find this information.  I did find the Admin Tools > Logging > Login/Logout Activity option per user, but this does not provide the information I need.  I definitely need to know via which Authentication Provider the user accessed the system.  It would also be beneficial to see a full log of current users and their respective information, rather than having to search per individual user.

In our instance of Canvas, we have multiple Authentication Providers for redundancy.  Knowing via which one a user authenticated lets us determine if there is a fault with a provider prior to issues being presented by users, among many other things.

Is there anyway to see this information in Canvas easily?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

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