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Automated Co-hort Rosters

We have been in the process of testing our ILP/SIS integration which is working well for our transcript courses. However, we have a question on how to send our enrollment over for non-transcript courses. In Sakai via sftp we maintained 8 cohort rosters, Medical year 1, Medical year 2, etc. Pharmacy year 1, Year 2, etc. In Sakai, you ‘attach’ rosters to a course and I haven’t found any documentation whether that’s possible in Canvas. This was extremely helpful to attach a cohort roster, e.g. M1 Roster to an Orientation Medical year 1  site and have the drop/adds automated for the cohort roster. Ideally, one cohort roster can be attached to multiple sites, e.g. a course site that might want m1 and p1 students we could attach/designate both to one site.

If an instructor requested all Pharmacy cohorts be enrolled, I would 'Edit Rosters' in Sakai and select all 4 to attach to the site and this would maintain drop/adds as the registrar entered them through SIS banner for the class lists. I’m not sure if there’s a similar process available with Canvas SIS integration? Any ideas on how we might achieve something similar within Canvas?

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