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Automated system monitoring tools (pingdom, site24x7, etc...) and health check public URL for Canvas


Hi everyone,

I'm looking for advice on what URL I can use to monitor proactively the system is responding.  we use SAML authentication so if I try to monitor its actually monitoring and assessing page speed for our azure SSO page instead.   

My thought was to monitor but not sure that would check to be sure the system is working after login.  I also saw a link to local API information at  but had the same question of validity of testing.

We currently have public courses disabled at the full account level and I wanted to see if there is a unpublished health check type URL that can be referenced via these tools to monitor page speed and uptime and alert us proactively before an official canvas status is posted (recently experienced the cluster failure and it took about 10-20 minutes for the canvas status page to be updated).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Edward Jacobs
MSU Denver information Technology Services

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