Automating Canvas With Our SIS

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Hi, we have a custom built SIS developed by a computer programmer on staff.  Currently, I manually check the SIS for roster changes every day (multiple times a day during the first month of each school year) for roster changes.  I then export the data as a .csv.  The data is pretty much formatted according to Canvas' SIS import requirements.  I then manually import the data into Canvas using the admin SIS Import feature.

What if there was a way that we could automate the process?  What if there could be some type of deep linking integration between the two?  Then I would not have to spend the time or effort manually doing this.

Am I dreaming?  Or is there a way that we could get this process to be automated?  What script would be involved?  I am not sure if this is a question or discussion so I might post it in both areas. Thanks in advance.  

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Just cross-posting a link here...since I saw that you posted to two different areas of the Community.

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