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I am wanting to add Badges for anyone that completes a course successfully. I would like the badges to stay in the student profile till they graduate. Has anyone worked with something like this?

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Community Team
Community Team

It would also be nice if badges for specific tasks could stick with students within an organization. That way, as students move through a series of courses, teachers can see a "mini resume" of sorts...and have baseline information about students' skill sets.

Community Coach
Community Coach

I know that using Canvabadges you can configure it so badges stay in student's profiles and "stick" within the organization, but the best person to speak on this topic would probably be  @jward ​ who teaches the free online Badges for Learning course.

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We have installed the Canvabadges system in our environment.  The badges are persistent and stay with the user in several ways.  The badge is actually stored in the Canvabadges system since they are the badge provider.  Then we also display all the badges on each user's profile.  Finally, badges can be also be stored in the Mozilla Backpack.

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Hi Stephanie,

We set up Canvabadges, as well. We've used them in compliance courses mostly (HIPAA, FERPA), but faculty have recently expressed an interest in using them for their courses.

The badges do stay on students profiles (see image).

It's a pretty cool tool. It lets you create your own badges, add text and images, and set requirements for accessing them via the modules.



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I wonder if any of you would be available to help me figure out what step we are missing. We have typed in our key and secret code, so Canvabadges is listed as an app. But, when we go to add a badge in a module we do not have that option. 

Your badges are so much more academic than my badges.  I think I have a Charlie Sheen "Winning" and an "Excellent" evil raccoon badge.  Smiley Happy

hmmm...I may have to steal your Charlie Sheen badge idea!


There's a step that requires some JS code and adding a global javascript URL via the account settings page. Have you done that?


When you try to add an External Tool to a module, do you see Canvabadges listed in that window at all?  If not, then it sounds like the app configuration may not be correct. I'd recommend deleting the app and recreating the app making sure that the XML is copy/pasted exactly as required.

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