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I have inherited some customization in Canvas which displays a banner at the top of the dashboard page. Although I cannot currently see it displaying any info, I believe it to be reaching out to a webapi that has been setup here. A studentid and some other info is passed to the WebAPI and it determines if the student is up to date on immunizations using our SIS system. If they are not, it shows a big red banner at the top of the dashboard page. Is there a possibility there is a way to customize that dashboard page to call to another site for info and display accordingly if needed. I do not see any way this is possible logging into Canvas but may be missing something. I have attached an image to display what I am talking about.



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This looks like it was done through the custom JavaScript you can upload in the theme editor (see How do I upload custom JavaScript and CSS files to an account?). If that's the case, you should be able to change the script to point the API endpoint to wherever you want, providing that the new site allows Canvas to call it [see Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)]. The CORS setup may not be relevant if you're using a vanity domain and the other site is on the same top-level domain (e.g., you access Canvas from and the other site is on


Hope this helps!

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