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Batch Upload People

We use PowerSchool and sync for anyone in PowerSchool. However, we have about 50 TA's who are not in PS that I have to upload to Canvas. Is there a batch upload option for that and if so-does it erase what is there from SIS? I see the SIS option but it says any uploads erases what is currently there. In People, I only have the option to add one at a time. 
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Hello there, @Shetechs1 ...

Full disclosure, I work at a Technical College using a different SIS (Banner).  So, I have no experience with PowerSchool.  Also, even though I am a Canvas admin, I do not work directly with our Canvas course shell creation or our student/instructor accounts created from our SIS into Canvas.  That being said, I think the area you are referring to is covered in this Guide...which you may have seen already: How do I import SIS data to a Canvas account? - Instructure Community.  Have you tried doing these imports in your school's "test" environment?  That way, you can do all your testing in that environment without messing up anything in your school's "production" environment...which is the environment that you typically log into on a daily basis.

I always make sure to tell people to make sure to log out of "test" before logging back in to "production"...just so that they don't get confused between the two environments.

I'm not sure if any of the above will help or not, but just thought I'd chime in...for what it's worth.

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