Best way to show installed LTIs in the App center?

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I just finished a support request claiming one of the LTI Apps installed in our root account was broken - in fact, what was broken was that the instructor had installed a second version of the LTI into their course - I'm assuming they didn't know the app was already installed -- if the instructor had looked on the "view app configurations" they would have seen it, but I don't think most users would do that. 

Another thing that seems troubling is that even though some apps (but not all) will show in the app center as "installed" if a user clicks through to the details view with the grey "Installed" box under the LTI logo - there is a much more visible +Add App button underneath which will allow the user to attempt to install the app again (and when I think through it as a user who understandably hasn't already noticed the disabled Ares link in their navigation choices, clicking +Add App seems like it would be the thing to do to add Ares to my course) -- in the case of Ares (we self host a server that has custom details) an instructor clicking +Add App will be a guaranteed disaster.

246805_Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 10.45.40 AM.png

The problem seems a little more complex, but I don't want to TLDR people - my main points of inquiry/hope are:

  1. Can the +Add App button be disabled for installed tools in any way?
  2. Does anyone out there create "custom apps" that would appear in the app center for tools that don't show up there, or which are there but not correct? (e.g. I was considering using the whitelist to hide Ares but have custom version that would hopefully show up instead - although if I can't disable the +Add App button, I don't know if it will save us any future tickets...)
  3. Is there a way to associate apps that should be connected to an app in the app center after the fact? 

Thanks for any solutions/experiences/ideas you may have to share!