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Can Canvas Admin push/inject a module into a teacher's course so they do not have to import content?

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We were wondering if there would be a way to push/inject a complete module into our teacher's courses as an Admin so they do not have to import the content?  We are experimenting with a generic assignment for attendance purposes and would like to add to all courses.  We are trying to save the teachers some work as well.  In addition, all course already have content!  Thanks for any advice/help anyone can provide!  it would be appreciated!  Have a GREAT day!!


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Hello @schachernp!

In the case of having so many courses, I would suggest learning "the whole course" into Commons. From that point your instructors/teachers can load the whole course from Commons. This would be the fastest way to do this that comes to mind.

@colona2 , would that only pull the module.  We have the desired content in a module.  As we add other content, we will put it in another module so that can just add the modules as they are created.  Would that work in the Commons?  Also, if I put it in the Commons, they would not be able to edit the original module(s).  Could edit after they imported from Commons.  Is that correct?  

Would there be a way we could lock it so they could not change it by mistake?  It we put it in the Commons that is.  Thanks so much for the input!



@schachernp If you put something in Commons, only you (that is the person who put it in commons) will be able to make any changes my providing a version update. Anyone accessing the Course from commons can not change the original content. You can put a page, a file, a document, a quiz, a module, or even a whole course in Commons.

Once updates are done on commons, the teacher can go into commonms, lick on the update tab at the top and literally one click update their course. Whatever was changed/or added will then import into the course they want it to go to.

They will still be able to modify if on their side to fit their needs. HOWEVER, when you update from commons something that has been updated, any changes you made will overwritten, at least to my knowledge and someone could correct me if I am wrong.

If I were in your shoes, here is what I would do. Create stand alone sandboxes for each course and invite the teachers (with teacher role) to be part of those sandboxes. Then they can import or copy the new modules themselves. I know I share a sandbox with 10 other teachers in my district and we all add stuff there and "steal" from each other.

Good luck!

@colona2 , would there be any way to lock the due dates and times on the assignments?  It seems when we put them into the Commons, they lose those settings.  

On the other hand, when we do a Blueprint course, it over-writes the course home page with the one from the Blueprint.  Our instructor already have home pages, so we do not want to over-write their current content.  Just add the Module & Assignment group to their course. 

Thanks so much for all of the helpful content!