Can the login + password method of logging in be disabled in the Canvas Student app?

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Can the login + password method of logging in be disabled in the Canvas Student mobile app?

All of our students are created in Canvas via an SIS integration, so they do not have passwords in Canvas. When they use Canvas on the web, they always log in via SAML.

However, when they download the Canvas Student mobile app, it takes them by default to log in via a login + password, even though SAML is set as our default login method on the web.

We have attempted to clarify for students that they will need to use the QR code to log in on the Canvas Student app, but this is still a frequent source of questions. Is there a way to disable the login + password method of logging on the Canvas Student app for our institution so that all our students would have to use the QR code method?

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Hi @EvanDonovan,

That's definitely strange behavior and not something we have ever encountered at our institution.  As long as SAML is the first authentication provider listed, that's what students should be lead through even on the app.  If all of your logins are done through SAML, you could try disabling the canvas authentication completely in your auth settings.  Depending how you provision users, you could also include the auth provider as part of your users.csv upload, though I'm not sure if that would help in this case or not.


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Hi @EvanDonovan 

Is it possible for you to make a short video of what happens with the mobile app and post a link to it here?  In my experience, when someone first launches the app, they're asked to select their institution (either enter the name or the canvas url), then the authentication flow from there is the same as the web.  I wonder if your SAML provider is rejecting requests from the app for some reason and then it's moving down to the next auth provider in the list (the canvas built-in).  Seeing a video *might* help someone here figure this out more.  If you have someone at Instructure helping with implementation, I'd also run this by them, as what you're describing is not the experience we have with SAML here at all.


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