Canvas API assignment listing's use_for_grading var false despite being used for grading

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Hi, I'm a member of an analytics team for my institution. I am trying to get all rubrics that have been used for grading. I use the following api call 


and then I look in the json of each assignment to see if the "use_rubric_for_grading" variable is set to True. The problem I am having though is that on the browser side, within speedgrader, I am seeing rubrics that are clearly being used for grading but their "use_rubric_for_grading" value is false. Is there a way to dependably discern if a rubric is being used for grading, and afterwards is there a way to access the rubric_assessment variable despite having a false "use_rubric_for_grading" value?


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The Assignments API will only give you information about the assignment itself, you will need to use the Submissions API to get any information about student submissions. Rubrics are attached to the submission since they go with each student, not one per assignment. Assignments will give you the information about the rubric itself, but not any ratings marked for it. Think of the assignment as a container full of submissions.

When you use submissions API to fetch the data, you will need to add the query parameter include[]=rubric_assessment to get the results.


Changing the option to use the rubric for grading won't change any submission information. It will change that use_rubric_for_grading option in the assignment object. I'm not sure what changing that would do for you, though.


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