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Canvas Status Page Needs Improving


I'm one of the Canvas sites on the Sydney Cluster of servers which have had a lot of up's/down's/go slows this year. One place I regularly look at for information about how things are going is Canvas Status .

This site seems to always indicate "Green Ticks" ect, and does not have actual live data.

For instance today, after much frustration with SIS imports not working I phoned Canvas Support to ask why the imports were being queued instead of running only to find out that there was trouble (again) with the Sydney cluster and it was slowly "getting back on it's feet". When I looked at the Status Page it was all "Green Ticks"


Please can this page actually reflect live issues rather than just being green all the time?



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I faced a similar issue with the status page a few months back, and here is the response I received from our CSM:

"Even though some of the jobs being processed were taking more time than usual, none met the threshold that would allow us to place the incident on the status page. Additionally, this didn't impact all Canvas customers. As a result, Support has put a lower threshold in place and created procedures that will allow us to monitor individual job servers and update the status page any time the lower threshold is met."

So you might want to reach out to your CSM (or have your Canvas admin do so if it's not you) to discuss.

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Community Team

Hey Grant,

First off, I apologize for the delay in responding!

Thank you for this feedback. We know that the status page is one area where we can do better. In fact our operations and support folks are currently working on a plan for how to share more finely grained information by hosted cluster. You can expect to see this new layout within the next month or so. Please keep in mind, though, that because we work very hard to make sure the information displayed on the status page is accurate there will always necessarily be some delay in posting about new issues

Thanks again,
Canvas Community Team