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Canvas and Clever and Infinite Campus Confusion

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   Today was our first day back with teachers and our 2nd year of Canvas Implementation in grades 6-12. 

   Teachers still do not have their 2017-2018 Courses because of the finger pointing going on between Canvas, Clever and Infinite Campus. 

   Certainly other schools are in this situation. How do you handle terms in your SIS import? We talked to one school in our state that ditched Clever altogether and wrote their own script for Pete's sake!  We are resorting to an import with no terms defined (hopefully active for teachers tomorrow) and we may have to manually enter terms.  We've worked closely with our rep and Canvas support. They say their hands are tied. Clever support says it's the fault of Canvas. Infinite Campus is infinitely hard to work with when it comes to collaboration with Canvas.....especially grade passback, right?

   So, what gives? Why am I working a 16 hour day to ensure that my teachers can get into their classes in time for the first day of school with students?

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Community Team
Community Team

Hi,  @rislis ‌, I've shared your question to‌ and hope the increased visibility will get you some answers.

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I hope you got everything working  @rislis ‌!

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Our school district is running a Canvas pilot at our two middle schools with a select group of teachers for the 2017-2018 school year, with the hope of going 3-12 next year (3rd - 12th grade are all 1:1). So far our biggest hang-up has been getting Clever to pull the correct fields from Infinite Campus in order to sync courses w/terms to Canvas. As this is a pilot, we are not under a specific timeline to get Canvas up and running, but we appear to have everything else in place.

One Question for Lisa, and perhaps some information to share:

Lisa, you say that you have resorted to importing courses w/o defined terms. Are your courses falling into Canvas' "Default Term"? If so, are you then modifying the default term to manually create terms? Also, do your students (in and out) still sync to Canvas w/o terms... more specifically will students still sync if the default term has been modified to manually create terms?

This is the closest I have gotten in terms of syncing terms to Canvas. We have not yet loaded these fields into Clever because we sync other systems via Clever, and the last time we loaded term fields into Clever, we had to pause all syncing, as our courses went blank.251196_pastedImage_4.png

What field path(s) have you tried to pull in Clever to sync terms to Canvas?

Thank you,


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Hi, Jeremy!

Yes, all of our courses fell into the Default Term. It is our intention to manually change terms to match our schedule. Our database manager has some ideas of how to do that in a batch, but it has been put on the back-burner since the end of the quarter seems so far away right now. LOL. 

More later .....have to get to a meeting.

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I would love to connect with you. I am from Central Bucks School District in Pennsylvania with 18,000 students. I literally spent 2 months trying to get Campus-Clever-Canvas to work. I could have just written scripts for csv files. Our data is coming over for the most part okay - finally. Our Canvas integration team really stepped up in the end. The terms is the first marking period for everyone and I am hoping when the marking period changes it will udpate accordingly. We are missing Period data in Clever to be able to identify courses clearly and Section Number would be great. Teachers do not know what a SIS ID is. I have lists of One Roster issues to mention to Infinite Campus to correct. Our teachers would love grade passback but I don't think that will work just yet with this type of integration.

Laurel Podraza


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Wow!  What an offer, Laurel.  What day/time works best for you? I'd like to include our database manager in this future meeting. Thank you very much! 

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I am free the 19th and 22nd all day right now. Do those days work? I have mornings on the 18th and the 20th.

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We are experiencing similar frustrations with these three platforms and are spinning our wheels. If it's not too late, I would love to join your conference call this week or next.