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Canvas and Ellucian's ILP

We have an ongoing project to implement the Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform (ILP) in support of improved Canvas integration/Banner event processing.  We still don’t have definitive answers to some basic questions regarding how Canvas plays with the ILP.  I’m hoping someone might have some answers or information regarding the following questions:


  1. Will we be able to change the data mapping on what Canvas will be receiving from Banner?   For us, we would like to use a different value for the SIS ID field in Canvas, but currently don't have that ability.


  1. Will we have the ability to add the CRN and Term to the end of the course titles? (Again, the ability to change the data mappings)

   For example:

                * What we currently get from Banner for course title:  HUM-122-005

                *  What we would like to have the course title to be:  HUM-122-005 - 11210.202001


  1. For Grades Back to Banner, we will we be able to capture the last date of attendance for failing grades as part of the process?
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Hi Jeff, I'm sorry my response won't provide an answer for you, but I appreciate you posting these questions. We've monitored ILP and watched a demo, but our thought was, "might be a possible option, but the devil is in the details", so I'm very interested to hear the responses you might get in order to better understand the flexibility/inflexibility of the tool. Thanks for posting!

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Just wanted to provide an update on these questions, as I have received some information from another institution that is currently using ILP 4.  Please be aware that we have not yet implemented ILP at our institution, but we will be implementing ILP 5 very soon in our test environment, so none of these answers are guaranteed.

For question #1, the answer seems to be "Yes", we will have the ability to use the student id instead of the spriden_id from Ellucian when a user account is created.  This will make our instructors happy!

For question #2, the answer seems to be "Yes".  It does look like we will have the ability to have the course title configured in a way that make more sense to our users, instead of the default course name.

For question #3, the answers seems to "Not yet".  We are wanting the ability to add the last day of attendance to a F student as it is being pushed back to Banner (before it is actually published to Banner), and this doesn't seem to be part of the ILP app as of yet.


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Hi Morgan. I'm following up to see how the ILP implementation is going and what you've learned through the process. 

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Hi, Morgan,

We are in process of setting up ILP 5 with Banner and would be curious how you went about configuring the course title to what you wanted to show up in Canvas.  I assume you used some feature of Ethos which allows for some ability to customize.  We want to do the same and would be interested to know more about what you have done.



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