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Canvas "delete user's cache link"

The Canvas support team has a link on a users profile that "deletes the user's cache".

So far this has fixed issues when the items don't display on the course navigation or courses do not display in the Inbox to message.  

We requested to have access to this magic tool as it clears the users Canvas cache which often is an issue.  Let's vote it up that admins have access to it. I entered a ticket for our admin to have it but it was denied. 😞 

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S9300807‌, would you please provide the link to the idea you've referenced so that people can "vote it up"? If you haven't found an existing one, please write a new idea using the instructions in How do I create a new feature idea in the Canvas Community?


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This would really help us resolve so many of our own issues without having to escalate to Canvas!

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This would be enormously helpful! I keep passing along requests from students who show "access denied" to certain courses -- my instructors are saying they've never had this problem before!