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Commons sharing question

Trying to share one resource from the commons to allllllll of the courses in our canvas instance.  It doesn't seem to be working...what's the best path forward?

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Hi Peg,

If you are trying to make a resource available on the Commons to everyone at your institution, you should have the option to select All of "Your Institution's Name" under the Sharing and License section of the form you fill out when sharing or editing a shared resource. 

You said it doesn't seem to be working. What indication are you getting that makes you think this? We need more information to understand the problem before deciding what the best path forward is.

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Our institution has college sub-accounts and we put common files (as "courses") in these accounts that faculty can access based on their college enrollment. It has worked quite well so far. Does this help?


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Community Coach

Hi  @peg_checchi  

Have you considered using Blueprint courses for this purpose?

You can learn more at:

Many schools are having great success with this somewhat new functionality!


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Thanks all - I got on the line with my rep and he walked me through what I needed to do.   Thanks for the responses!

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What did you do, in the end?