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Contingency plan in case of medium to long term Canvas outage

I was asked to create a contingency plan in case there was a medium (days to a week) to long term (weeks to months) Canvas outage and/or internet infrastructure outage.

Basic options  (medium term) were revert to paper, electronically submit papers via email or our cloud storage solution. Long term was a bit more drastic (local Canvas or Moodle server, switch LMS service in case of Canvas shuttering), and so-on.

I was curious if anyone else here has created any such contingency plans and come up with novel or ingenious ideas that I missed.


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Are you looking more at a Business Continuity (BC) plan here, or a Disaster Recovery (DR) situation?

You'll need to consider different things for each; bootstrapping from nothing vs holding over until things come back are wildly different scenarios. 


For the DR piece I'd go looking for papers put out following major disasters in your (extended) area, and seeing where your piece of this would fit in to what's been looked at and analysed by those who've gone through it. As example, the Christchurch earthquakes provided excellent information to consider institutional responses in Australia.