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Course evaluations

Good afternoon everyone:  ​Lorain County Community College will begin using Canvas for the summer semester beginning May 26.  I am in need of your collective expertise.  What are you mechanism are you all using for course evaluations?  We have been able to do so in ANGEL And are brainstorming for future ideas.    Thank you for your time.  Susan

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How do you enforce students only completing the Survey Monkey survey one time?  Does an LTI integration handle that for you?

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At San Juan College we have been using EvaluationKit as well since Spring of 2014 and are very happy with the way it works and integrates with Canvas.  Each semester we have been tweeking it and are almost to the point that it is working like a well oiled machine.  Would be happy to share/answer any questions if you all decide to go that route.


Sam Bachert

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Howard Community College uses the IDEA survey which we have been doing on paper.  We are just transitioning to the online version which, from what I understand, is hosted on Campus Labs. We are hopeful to be able to integrate Campus Labs into Canvas at some point to allow for ease of access. Particularly given the fact that most students don't check their .edu email addresses so likely wouldn't see any notification to participate through that mechanism.

 @John_Lowe  Since the same student will be taking multiple courses online, they can take the same survey over and over. SurveyMonkey does provide an option to only allow one taking of the survey based on IP address.   I manually comb through each month's survey and delete duplicate surveys based on IP address. 99% of the time the student hit the submit button 2x by mistake.  We do have a question to indicate which course they are taking so I can verify that the student duplicated the survey for the same course rather than a student who submitted the survey 2x due to taking 2 different courses.

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I was wondering if anyone has done any Course/Faculty review with anything inside of Canvas, such as the Anonymous Survey, or does this not provide enough information?


We started off using the Quiz tool and setting up surveys inside of Canvas, but found that the reporting functionality was not quite up to par with what our departments were use to or needed.  We then look at different third party applications and chose EvaluationKIT as our solution.


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Evaluation Kit is hands down an awesome program. The LTI in Canvas drives very high return rates.

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dreesd​ - I wanted to echo  @Robbie_Grant ​ and  @PSU_Tony ​ comments regarding EvaluationKit - we have been using the tool since SP2014 our first semester with Canvas and have really loved the tool.  We have actually moved away from using other survey tools on campus because EvaluationKit allows for both end of course evaluations as well as web based surveys like Survey Monkey.

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Thanks Canvas Community!  @bacherts ​  @Robbie_Grant ​  @PSU_Tony ​  @John_Lowe ​ chriscas​  @Cindy_Masek ​ awilliams

I just wanted to say thanks for the feedback on EvalutionKit!– Since Jul 8 we reached out to EvaluationKit and they just finished doing a demo to our Online Learning department and some administrators at our school today and they Loved it! The reporting, the integration and ease of use was great. Half-way through the demo I started thinking “I wonder if someone from Canvas built this?”

Thanks again!

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Hi Cindy,

Do you mind sharing your final spring course evaluation return rate using EvaluationKit?  We are currently reviewing options.  Any comments , suggestions, or issues using EvaluationKit would be much appreciated!