Create associations and synchronization with Blueprints

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We began using a new SIS this year, CampusCloud.  Our classes are created in Canvas through an API from CampusCloud.  We are trying to create associations and synching.  We have discovered that if the associations are created through the API, we do not have the ability to sync changes from the blueprint to the classes but must do it from the API.  Since instructors are making the changes, they would not have access to run the API.

To fix this, we thought maybe we could create the associations after the courses were created using the csv file.  However, this causes all course content to be duplicated in the course because there is an initial sync when the file is imported.

Does anyone know if there is a way to stop that initial sync from occurring when the csv file is imported?

Another alternative I have come up with is when the classes are created from CampusCloud to Canvas to use a completely blank template.  Then when we run the csv it would load the blueprint.

Thanks for any input you can provide.