Create custom SAML authorization page with link to login/canvas

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Hi there,

We use SAML authentication (Google) for the majority of our users, students on Chromebooks. Because this method is in position 1, when students log in to their device, their Dashboard automatically loads from ...login/saml without additional clicks. This is meaningful especially because we have younger students on devices.

Parents use Observer accounts with passwords by logging in to .../login/canvas; however, they run into the problem that their Canvas notifications contain hyperlinks that route them to the SAML authentication, confusing most Observer users.

Initially I set up a Discovery URL to address the authentication issue; however, this means that every student logging on to their Chromebook now has to select that they are a student upon logging in. This creates an extra step for students, again thinking of those younger ones.

A suggestion was to customize the SAML authentication page with HTML & Javascript to include a button like "If you are a parent..." that directs to their Canvas authentication. Does anyone have experience customizing a SAML page for a purpose like this? That is unfortunately outside of our expertise.

Thank you in advance!

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