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'Default' and other email addresses: The differences?

Hi Admins- In your experience, what are the differences between the user's 'Default' email address and other user-added email addresses in Canvas, and have you seen these differences change over time?

More background: We would like to clarify for our users the considerations in selecting a given address as the Canvas default, for those who have multiple adddresses configured. We have noted that, with initial Canvas administrative settings, the 'Default' address is the one seen and used by external tools (LTIs). However, we are now using the API to change LTI configurations to refer to the less volatile 'institution-assigned' email address, so this distinction is now less relevant for us. This is the main difference of which I know, but as Canvas documentation on this topic is limited, I want to make sure we aren't missing anything.

Our remaining questions:

  • Is there communication that goes from Canvas to the 'Default' that does not go to secondary addresses, as described in the user's Notification Preferences page?
  • Are there other functional / practical differences in how the 'Default' address is used in Canvas, as opposed to other user-configured addresses?
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