Different faculty permissions for SIS and non-SIS courses?

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I'm looking into how to allow faculty to add people to sandboxes but not SIS (for credit) courses.  I see other schools that seem to be doing that (like U.Minnesota), but I'm having trouble finding the best way to do it.  Similarly, could faculty have other permissions in non-SIS courses such as editing the name of the sandbox but not have those permissions in SIS courses.  I see that some schools might create two faculty roles, one for SIS courses and one for non-SIS.  Perhaps some use sub-accounts.  My last school ran a script each day that synchronized the SIS with Canvas so that if a faculty member added someone in a student or faculty role (but not other roles), the person would be removed/deactivated.

Also, are there other scripts out there that allow faculty to create sandboxes on their own but control how it is done.  I found this script:

I see several other examples at other schools such as:

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