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Districts with both Google Assignments LTI AND Google Apps enabled

If there are any admins out there who have both Google integrations enabled, I have a question for you. We made the decision to do both for now -- we have reasons -- but I've found an issue. While the GA LTI 1.3 works fine with the External Tool, the Online submission type is not. Student submissions are not displaying to the teacher in a Google grading environment -- it just populates into the regular Canvas Speedgrader. This happens even when a student intentionally browses into Drive through the Google Assignments 1.3.

Is this just a feature of having both enabled? I've watched the video in the Canvas training portal, and the way students browse into their Drive is different than what we're seeing. However, I assume that in the video, there is only one Google option installed. The Google documentation also explicitly states that both can be installed at the same time. I appreciate any insight!

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Hi @paula_setserkis ,

We only have the Google Drive integration enabled right now, but I believe most of what you've described in your post makes sense and is how things would be intended to function with both integrations enabled.

The Google Drive integration really just lets students pick from things they have in their G-Drive when they are submitting an assignment to Canvas.  This is the "online" assignment type, and all thats happening is the document is getting transferred from google drive into Canvas.  Grading, commenting, etc is all done in Canvas form that point and stays only in Canvas.

The Google Assignments integration is what would allow commenting/grading and things to be done in Google.  This integration is done by using the "external tool" option for a Canvas assignment, and is essentially linking a Canvas assignment to a Google one.  Whatever is done in Google would generally be reflected in Canvas too, since the assignment/content is really just a link.

Hope that helps a little.  If I've said anything incorrect, I'm sure someone else will let us know!


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Thanks so much, Chris. I went back to re-watch the video, and I caught where I was getting it mixed up with External tool for grading. It's only the student upload part of the Online Submission that's a little different. I forgot to remove this post, but I do feel better now. 🙂