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Do "No Submission" or "On Paper" assignments count toward Participation?

We need a way to have student attendance at Zoom meetings count toward their Last Participation date in the Students report on New Analytics. We need this so we can report Last Date of Attendance accurately to the US Department of Education for financial aid purposes.

We have discovered that it seems like if a professor enters a grade on a File Upload assignment, but the student didn't actually submit a file upload, the student doesn't get credited for Participation. 

So we were thinking instead that we could use the No Submission or On Paper assignment type, if there was a way the professor could then indicate when the student made the submission, and have that count toward Last Participation.

Does it work that way, or would we have to do something else? If we would have to do something else, what would you suggest?

In our old LMS+SIS, Populi, there was an Attendance tab in courses that we could use to update Attendance on in-person sessions or Zoom meetings.

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