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I've tried downloading epub-files but the button mentioned in the guides don't show up. I've enabled epub-downloads on an admin level and I have disabled the HTML-download option in some courses. Still, the button for downloading epub-files will not show. 

Am I missing something obvious here? Smiley Happy Do I have to disable the HTML-version in ALL of the courses for the epub-button to appear? If so, I have a lot of work to do since we have over 200 courses... 

E-pub files are allowed on an admin level: 

316682_epub 1.png

It's allowed in all the courses:

316683_epub 2.png

The HTML-version is disabled in SOME of the courses (is this the problem?)

316684_epub 3.png

Still, the button to download epub-files will not appear (not for me or the students). 


Have a nice day! 

// Rebecca 

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 @rebecca_asker , sorry to hear that you're having this issue. Have you figured out the problem yet? If not, then my recommendation is to contact Canvas Support to see if they have any suggestions on what to do to get this to show up for you.

Hope it's working! Kona

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