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Ellucian's ILP

How many of you are using Ellucian's ILP? Do you find it useful? Are you using it to sync grades and SIS data?

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We just saw a demo of this a week ago and I'd love to hear from any higher ed institutions who are using this as well. We have been waiting a long time for this product to be up-and-running for Canvas and would love for it to be working smoothly. Please share any experiences...good and bad, pros and cons. Ellucian ILP  #Ellucianilp

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We have been in talks with Ellucian since the announcement at Educause but we haven't jumped on it due to unanswered questions. We have had some confusion on how cross listing works, which is extremely vital to us, and we are still trying to get answers but it has been really difficult due to conflicting information supplied by both Ellucian and Instructure. For those that have seen demos can you confirm that cross listing functions the same way as LMB or is it different, or do the sections get crosslisted the same way as LMB in Canvas? Specifically if you cross list do you still get separate cross listed sections? 

For the most part it seems to be a vast improvement from LMB, but its a different paradigm since there are no files to download and batch upload anymore. The grade pass back LTI tool has really impressed our Registrars office, and it should cut down on grading mistakes being pushed to Banner. It also doesn't seem to be as flexible with naming conventions as other platform (Blackboard) integrations. That is something that we would have to prepare our users for rather than having it transparent to them. From the documentation you can definitely tell that the Blackboard and Moodle integrations of ILP are more mature and have more configuration options available. If you want to switch to ILP there are quite a few conventions that you are forced to conform to until they add customization options, so like I said in the beginning we are still on the fence.

ellucian‌ ilp #banner

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I would also love to hear from anyone who's using it.  We're just starting the implementation project with Ellucian, and I'd love to hear suggestions and anything anyone has found out that you wish you knew up front.

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We have ILP working. We're currently using it with Blackboard, going live with Canvas next month. It's definitely useful. Typically transactions sent from Colleague end up in Canvas in minutes, and it's working much better with the most recent update. We do plan on using the grade sync function (it's enabled, again just haven't used it yet because we don't go live until May).

 @mgudites  - Are you using cross-listed courses with the ILP in Canvas? In talking with a couple of other institutions, they've said that cross-listing isn't possible with ILP when using Canvas, so we've put the project on hold for now. Like  @tyler_clair , that is a big concern for us. I'll be eager to hear about your experience once you go live in May. From what we've gathered through talking to the few institutions using ILP and Canvas, this particular integration is still being fleshed out to some degree. We've also heard that they may have an update coming that will eliminate the need to go through Kimono and work directly with Canvas. Have you been told that?

Hi Andrea,

1. The update that does away with the need for Kimono was officially released in production late last month (4.5.8). We are now Kimono free :smileycool:  ILP now does all of its communication directly through API calls.

2. If I recall correctly, the issue is that you can cross-list in Colleague and have all of the cross listed sections show up as one course in Canvas, but it won't break out the courses into separate Canvas sections within the course.

So for example, here's what a bunch of crosslisted courses sent over to Canvas looks like. You can see that it's four courses (it says ACG-2021 four times in the title), but when I go into Sections, it's all in ONE section.


Thanks,  @mgudites . I will pass this along to the team and we'll see if takes care of what we need. I appreciate the information and screen shot, and I still look forward to hearing how it goes when you're live next month. We would really like to hear that this is working!

I probably should have stated, technically it is live...we've pushed all of our May sections already, including faculty enrollments. Student enrollments are waiting in our workflow queue, will be pushed out automatically in a couple of weeks. So, students aren't able to see or do anything just yet, but our courses are out there and faculty are in!

Sounds like so far so good. Here's hoping it continues!