File attachments to a Delayed Announcement

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Hello everyone,

I was not able to find any concrete information on this through the Canvas documentation but maybe someone in the Community knows.

I was playing around with File attachments in Announcements for my course. When I attach a file to an announcement that is delayed, the file appears as Unpublished in the Files area of my course. Once the Announcement releases on the set day, the file automatically becomes Published in Files area.

An instructor reached out to me stating that they were experiencing this same behavior until one day, one of their Announcements posted but the File attached remained Unpublished.

My question is, what is the general expected behavior? If a File is attached to a Delayed Announcement should that file remain unpublished until the Announcement date and then automatically Publish, or is there no expected behavior and it is hit or miss whether or not the system will operate in that way?