Flags to set "limit this user to only see fellow section users" on course enrollments

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Are there any user permissions or other flags or settings to set the course user privilege  "limit this user to only see fellow section users".  On the add people screen this can be set manually, but I am wondering if there is a way to set this globally for our automated SIS enrollment process, either in Canvas itself or in the script we use to populate and create our Canvas courses from Banner.

To give a little context, we are trying to avoid any FERPA violations when instructors cross-list their courses by limiting the exposure of student names across sections. 

There look to be some scripts/tools to automate the cross-listing process that incorporate these controls...


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Hi @gncrum,

Assuming you are using a script that generates sis csv files which get imported into Canvas, you can have a limit_section_privileges column in the enrollments.csv file which you'd set to true for each student or faculty enrollment (depending on your desired outcome).  The sis import format api documentation covers all of the options, including this one, if you're ever curious about what other things may be available.

Hope this helps!


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