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Getting in touch with other universities that are using Portfoliums

I am the administrator of the Portfolium platform that Heriot-Watt University (located in Scotland) have started to pilot with several programmes.

There have been some issues regarding the SSO integration Canvas-Portfolium for the automatic creation of accounts and self-enrolments of those accounts in pathways, since one of our pilot projects involves the creation and enrolment into pathways of a big volume of students accounts. 

The Assignment LTI integration also has some issues (it seems that when a student submits to an assignment that it is hitched/linked to a course assesment/pathway in Portfolium, the student's submission is not displayed in Canvas).

We would like to contact with other universities around the world to see how they are using Portfolium in complex projects and with big volume of students.

Kind regards,
Mari-Cruz García

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