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Google Authentication Issues

I have a plethora of students suddenly unable to authenticate Google to access assignments. This only happens in Google Cloud assignments. Our students use Chromebooks. I have 1. cleared cookies, 2. allowed cookies, 3. deauthorized Google for each student and reauthorized it. I'm at a loss. It is in pockets and appears to be random. The error says they need access, but the rest of the class can access the assignment.


Any ideas?

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Following. I am having the same problem with Google Cloud assignments. It is only one or two students in a class, very random. We have tried the above steps as well as removing Canvas as a third party app in Canvas. I am curious to know if someone else has a solution.


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We are having the same issue with Collaborations for a few teachers right now.

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We are also having issues with Google authentications as well. It has nothing to do with a kids account seems to have something to do with their computer settings/browser settings, but I cannot locate it.

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We had this same issue and we found a solution. Students need to go into EVERY course, click on the Google Drive link in the Course Navigation and make sure their correct gmail (in our case their school gmail account) is linked. If it's not the correct one, they can click on the email profile image on the right, sign out of the wrong one and sign into the correct one. We found that some students had their personal or a parent's email linked in one of their courses and it was giving them the error in all courses.

I hope that helps!

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I was so hopeful that this would work, but it didn't. My students already have the correct account linked. It says they "need access"--but everyone else can access it. I've checked all Google links, cookies, updated Chrome--all the things. 😞 I hope it works for others! Thank you so much for sharing!! I'll keep this in my back pocket!