Grading Periods - extensions?

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We are just looking to start using grading periods, as we have some year long units but want to be able to get a grade for each semester, and apply assignment weighting within a semester. 

I have been trying it in test and all looks good, but the only thing I am struggling with is extensions!

If I have understood correctly, if you have a semester one assignment, and allocate an extension which falls into the next semester (via assign to) , that extension seems to be treated as part of the semester two assignments. This then messes up any weighting, total grades etc

The only workaround I have found seems to be to adjust the 'available until' date rather than the 'due date', but this will then incorrectly show as late, and the student can't see the revised due date. 

Has anyone found a way round this? Thank you! 

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