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How does your institution deal with Blueprint Courses permissions, roles and workflows?

I'm here because some of our schools at Georgetown want to try out Blueprint courses, and I'm trying to grant them permissions.

However, we restrict the "Courses add/edit/delete" permission to only admins in our IT department, because we do not want people accidentally breaking SIS_ID associations or deleting courses.

How does your institution deal with Blueprint courses and the necessary permissions?

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We've considered 

  • using the API to manage permissions for Blueprint courses, which apparently Indiana University has done, creating a Blueprint Manager LTI tool (
  • giving school instructional designers or admins a Blueprint sandbox subaccount with full rights, where they can develop and test Blueprint courses and synch them, but then our team would move the courses into the school main folder and do the synching to live courses ourselves. This would create a lot of extra work for us.

What do your institutions do? Ideally the best solution would be for Instructure to make the Courses add/edit/delete permission more granular, so that one could have the ability to add or edit, but not delete, or edit specific fields, but not SIS_IDs, or just be granted the basics that would allow the Blueprint permissions to work.