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How to use Canva to edit images on your phone

Application was one of the winners at the Google I / O conference.

The Canva  is a free editor that lets you create arts hassle by phone. This application can be used to produce greeting cards, invitations, covers for social networks, and even resumes and collage audio from your phone or on FL Studio Apk. The great advantage of the application is in its template gallery, which has a huge variety of ready-made templates. Another highlight is the award received during the Google I / O conference  .

Check out, in the step by step below, how to use Canva to create art on your cell phone. The procedure was performed on an iPhone  ( iOS  ), but the tips also apply to Android  smartphones.



 Step 1. Install the Canva app on your phone. When you open it for the first time, you will need to log in to your account or create a free registration.



Step 2. On the main screen, you will see the gallery of available models. Use the categories at the top of the screen or search to find the desired model and tap on it to edit it.



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Hi, Julian, and welcome to the Canvas Community! The information in your post is entirely about Canva. Many teachers like to use Canva to create images that they can then use in their Canvas course design. Would you please update the post to include instructions on how, or even whether, users of Canva can incorporate the images they create on the app into their Canvas courses?