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I created a spreadsheet for Canvas Quizzes that are too large. Feel free to use or improve!

If your job is like mine, sometimes teachers will ask for analyses of Canvas Quizzes that have hundreds and hundreds of questions that Canvas can't analyze. Or maybe you have 10 associations of a blueprint, and you want to see an analysis of how all of the students performed on a final exam.

I have created an Excel spreadsheet (it will only work in Excel, NOT Google Sheets) that performs these functions quite well. After downloading the spreadsheet and opening in Excel, simply download the Item Analysis and Student Analysis from the test page on Canvas, paste them into the corresponding sheet without pasting over the yellow bars. Then your results will appear in the Quiz Summary and Question Analysis. The Question Analysis will determine the difficulty and internal consistency of each of your questions.

Blank Sheet

Sample -

In addition to sharing this, I wanted to see if anyone else had any ideas of what to add to this spreadsheet, or if anyone has built a similar/better version of this. 

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This is an incredible resource! Thank you!