Instructure Plans to Move our Instance - Feedback Please!

Community Contributor

We're a large K-12 district (15k students actively using Canvas).  I've been notified by Instructure that they need to move our instance to a different cluster and it needs to be done in the next few weeks.  I was also told that it would break token links and there is the possibility that some links to files will be broken.  We currently have 37k token links.   While a majority of these will be automatically reestablished when the students log in again, there are many (300-400) that I don't know what will be entailed in getting them going again.

We have grading for the next month+.   I've been assured that grades will not be affected, but I'm concerned about our automated loads and LTI setups.

Has anyone gone through this? I would really like to hear about your experiences, esp. with regard to the API processes and other loads. 

Thanks for your assistance!