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Integration from SIS to Canvas using Canvas APIs (e.g. Ellucian ILP) - data being overwritten

We are using the Canvas-delivered APIs to integrate course and enrollment information from our SIS to Canvas. Note that I'm referring to the APIs that are direct, one-off calls to update data in Canvas, and not the API call you can use to transfer csv files for integration, which is basically a replacement for sftp.

Since switching to the API integration, we've found that sticky fields are no longer honored in Canvas, and any changes triggered to send to Canvas are automatically overwriting the data in Canvas that may have been changed in the UI by faculty (e.g. course date overrides, course titles, etc.).

Is anyone else experiencing this as well?


Note: We are using Ellucian ILP, but I don't believe the issue is isolated to that product but rather lies with the Canvas APIs. We have also put some complicated workarounds in place to mitigate the issue, but it's not ideal and not feasible long-term as we look to expand our API usage overall with other integrations.

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We're interested in doing this as well, good to know that we should look out for this!

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We have a similar problem with ILP 5 per your note.   Our names fields are currently populated by our Identity Management system, Okta, including preferred name.  In fact we are delaying our full implementation of ILP due to the fact that it would replace the name fields with Banner name fields.  In most recent version of ILP 5 you can now toggle OFF the sending of preferred name, which is great, but Okta also fills the 'first name' field in Canvas with the preferred nickname--so we assume ILP will wipe that out and fill it with the Banner 'first name'.    We would be interested to find out if there are any workarounds that any schools have put in place.

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