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Is anyone using the 'new' ZOOM App?

This spring a major update to the Canvas/Zoom LTI was released (see attachment) This update includes giving Zoom its own link within the course tool bar and integration with the Canvas calendar (see below.)

Anyone have this working in production? Just looking for 'gotchas' and bugs...


Mark Leonard

Academic Technology, University of New Hampshire

232313_Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 2.13.14 PM.png

#zoom web collaboration

Do you have Zoom LTI configured?

 @brendan_ittelso ‌

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We are getting dangerously close to going live with it by the fall.  The first issue we've seen shows up in Safari (when all other browsers seem to be working fine).  Image below.  Outside of this, it seems like a functional LTI...

235368_Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 1.10.25 PM.png

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We've seen a few rough areas with recurring meetings scheduled via the LTI not treating time zones properly, and individual meetings not being removed from the Canvas calendar when the recurring meetings are deleted.

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Right! Have not even thought of testing how the calendar handles time zones. I did find right in the LTI notes about trying to delete recurring meetings--

 "Note that when you schedule a recurring meeting, each occurrence is an independent event that is not linked to other instances of the meeting. This means that if you need to modify all instances of a meeting, each event must be edited individually."
Let's keep this thread alive as we find new bugs (our Zoom LTI is still in our TEST environment.)
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We ran into some challenges with recurring meetings as well. We have classes that run more than one day/week, and although we knew the Zoom web interface allowed users to schedule recurring sessions on more than one day/week (MWF@ 3pm, for example), I was surprised this functionality was not available in the Zoom App within Canvas. 

I suspect this is due to Canvas's own limitations regarding recurring events: How do I add a repeating event to a course calendar?    In our case, if a class is MWF, I believe we have to either schedule all events individually OR schedule a Monday series, a Wednesday series, and a Friday series. It's nice to have the option to schedule them all as a series, however, (as mentioned above) it becomes difficult to manage if a change needs to be made to the whole series. You have to delete the Canvas calendar events individually, then delete the series in Zoom, and then make a new series to replace the old one.

I also was disappointed to see that the option to force a recurring meeting series to use the user's personal room ID wasn't available. Each recurring series was given its own number. 

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Testing of the LTI continues here at UNH. Today will be mostly spent around recreating an error message caused from trying to make the authorization link from Canvas to Zoom (Zoom support knows about the error and is looking for a fix.)

Anyone else seeing this error besides Clint @ Fort Lewis?




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One of our instructors ran into this.

"We now have Zoom integrated into our Canvas shells, and the Zoom page says there will be recordings, but there are not.

It looks as though the recordings will be linked  there. But they are not. Is there some configuration I’m missing?"

Has anyone else run into it?

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Are you guys looking at the Zoom app in a sandbox?  @nzingo ‌ tried it out. In his sandbox, we got an error. When he tried it in a real course, the app worked. What is everybody experiencing?

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We are testing out a Zoom/Canvas integration without much success.  When I search the App store the only LTI available is the 3rd party one from CirQLive and the Zoom documentation instructs us to configure this via a Canvas Access token and configuration on the Zoom admin side.  It does work as an external tool in Assignments and Modules, but the only way to add it to Calendar is as an Assignment.  It also does not correctly log Canvas users into Zoom even though we have SSO set up on both.  When I, in the Teacher role, create a Module item or Assignment for Zoom, all of the students who click on that link are entered into the meeting as me.  They get a later popup that asks them if they want to sign into SSO.  If they do that, they can then switch their zoom participant name to their real name.  However, this process is not what we would want our students to experience.  Does anyone have the Zoom LTI working successfully?  Is there some "new" LTI that we can obtain?  Thanks for any feedback.  We'll also reach out to Zoom.

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Hi Brenda,

There's a Zoom Canvas app.  The link embedded here will get you to more information on it. Try to pin down a primary contact with the company, it will help. It's a good practice for all apps/integrations, really.  We have had some success with the Zoom integration so far, but Zoom needs to update it relatively.  There seems to be plenty of room to.