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Is there a Canvas report that shows user roles?

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We're hoping to launch Canvas Commons but we have a big problem that keeps us from flipping the on switch.

We have groups of students who have sandbox courses in specific departments (e.g. Nursing, Heath Sciences, and Computer Science) so they're listed as both students and instructors in these departments.

This gives them the ability to copy content from Commons into their sandbox courses, so if an instructor from Computer Science shares her entire course, we have no way of preventing a student from pulling the content down because they're both in the same department.

I'd like to find a report in Canvas that shows me users that are listed as both teacher and student so that I can pull them out and place them in their own sub account. If no report exists, can anyone think of another way to do this?

Thanks for any ideas out there!

Mike M

Weber State University

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 @mmitchell ,

Have you looked at the provisioning report that is available?


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 @mmitchell ,

Have you looked at the provisioning report that is available?


 @Robbie_Grant ​,

Good question. Both the users and enrollments provisioning reports don't quite get there, though maybe the solution involves one of them.

In enrollments provisioning report, I can see a user's Canvas ID and if they're listed as a teacher or student in one column.

Maybe if I pulled all the teachers and compared them with the students to look for duplicates...

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1. Run the enrollments provisioning report for all terms

2. Pull teacher and student Canvas ID numbers

3. Delete duplicate values in teacher column

4. Delete duplicate values in student column

Notes: This leaves you with only one entry per Canvas ID

5. Compare duplicates from both columns and highlight duplicate cells

Thanks for getting my brain going! Now I just need to start moving users.