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Known Issues? Last Date Attended field disappears for Teachers

Recently we had to remove the permission allowing teachers to add other teachers, course designers, and TAs in a course:



But when we removed only that permission, the Last date attended text field under People disappeared for Teachers. Our faculty are required to record a date for students who receive an F grade. See the canvas guide on recording the last date attended.

Removing the permission setting above makes the User Details appear as so:james_umphres1_1-1608218368175.png

When they should appear like this:



We think this is a bug because the add/remove teacher permission makes no mention of accessing a student’s setting:




The add/remove students permission mentions user settings, and we have always had that permission enabled:


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The only thing I can think is that you may be using profiles.  The guide states "If your institution is using Profiles, this feature is not currently supported."

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I think we've always had profiles enabled, though