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LTI 1.3 claims

We are not receiving the Title and Description claims from Canvas in the External Tool.  These fields are filled in in the Developer Key but when printing these out on the External Tool side I see this:

[] => Array


            [id] => *********************

            [description] =>

            [title] =>

            [validation_context] =>

I don't see any other settings that I can change to enable this.  Has anyone else noticed this?

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What do you mean by "filled in"?

When Canvas launches an LTI 1.3 tool it should include a resource_link claim by default. Here's an example claim I get for one of our LTI 1.3 tools:

    "" : {
      "validation_context" : null,
      "id" : "7aecf6b872f881669af9d4b033b32a9e95efdfa8",
      "label" : "MTC~001",
      "title" : "Matthew's Test Course",
      "type" : [ "" ],
      "errors" : {
        "errors" : { }
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To clarify I am asking why the LTI1.3 claims do not have the Tool name in the title field.  From the sample I provided in the question you can see that the title, description fields are empty.  The Developer Key has these values.  I am wondering why the tool does not receive these in the Authentication response to the tool at the redirect_uri.  I am wondering if there is some setting either in the developer key or in Canvas that determines if these fields are filled in.

I am also wondering if the method of creating the developer key is the issue.  Meaning, are there different results in what is received on the tool end depending on whether Configure Method is "Manual Entry", "Past JSON", "Enter URL"

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Ah sorry I see you're talking about the resource link claim: 

In Canvas I've never seen these be anything other than null in the resource link claim. I don't know if you return a LTI Resource Link from a LTI Deep Linking flow ( and specify a title/text on the returned item, if these are then passed through when the LTI launch is done to the tool.