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LTI User Groups

Curious what others might be doing:

We have our Canvas instance locked down so faculty can't add LTI's on their own.  We have a vetting process that all items added to Canvas must go through and this is our way of enforcing this.  We also have certain things whitelisted in the EDUAppCenter so faculty can't try that path either.

We have some newer LTI's that are causing a little bit of a pain point in that only certain users are allowed to use them.  This can be for various reasons but normally part of the contract with the company (for example the person must go through a training first, or only people that paid for access can have it).  We have an extensive sub-account structure already in place but these LTI's are being used across the institution so we can't take advantage of that.  We are trying to avoid having to manually add it to each course for every term and keep up on that maintenance. 

So, have others tackled this in any fancy way?  It would be great if there were like LTI groups and people in this group can add that LTI (and of course users could be in multiple groups).

Thank you in advance!


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