LTI or strategy for global quiz (on academic integrity)

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I have a question for any other admins out there...  Does anyone know of an LTI (or other way) to have one global quiz for all students to take, and where any faculty could check and see which students in their class have taken the quiz?

This is for UM-Dearborn's Academic Integrity Quiz, which many of our faculty require their students to complete before submitting work in their course.  Currently, we have a website setup outside of Canvas, which requires a separate login for everyone and isn't really able to be integrated into Canvas (other than providing a URL Link).  Students only need to complete the module once, not for every course they are enrolled in.  Instructors can login and see which of their students has completed the quiz, and see the date when the quiz is completed.  Our faculty would like this to be fully integrated into Canvas.  Does anyone know of a slick way to do something like this? I've tried searching for some LTI Tools (since I don't think it's going to be possible directly in Canvas), but I'm coming up empty.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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chriscas​, yes, we actually have done something like this! We aren't currently using it because we want to keep students completely out of their course before they complete our Mandatory Orientation, but before we got that programming to work  @James ​ came up with a nifty LTI call that I think will do what you want.

Basically we had it set-up as an assignment that when the students clicked on it in their Modules it either took them to the orientation so they could complete it or showed a message stating that they'd already completed it. We had it placed/set-up so that students couldn't progress in their course until they completed it, but that would be up to your faculty. Also, making it worth points or not would be up to the individual faculty member.

On the faculty side of things the faculty member had to originally create the assignment (for submission type make it External Tool and then select the LTI) and could then click on the assignment and see a list of those students who had complete the orientation and who hadn't.

I know 0% of the technical details and might be a little off on the overall logistics (we haven't done this in a while), but James would have/know all the details.

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