Linkedin Learning integration issue

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I am having trouble configuring Linkedin Learning to work with Canvas (on premise).

Whenever I add Linkedin Learning as an external tool to an assignment, I have an error page on this specific assignment.

Canvas returns a HTTP 401, and when I check the logs on the server, the error is "Canvas::Security::InvalidJwtKey".

I double checked the link I'm using, here is an example: (where "xxxx" is my university's token).

However, when I add Linkedin Learning as an external tool outside of an assignment, it works just fine (the URL being:

I completely deleted my Linkedin Learning configuration, and set it up again, with no effect.

I also regenerated the keys on Linkedin Learning  without any change either.


It used to work just fine, and stopped working without any change in configuration, so I am completely clueless of what's going wrong, and I am out of ideas of what to check/test/do.

The person who set it up at first doesn't understand either:

Any kind of help would be appreciated!



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