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Make Syllabus Tool Inactive in Courses

Good morning Admins,

We will be using a new 3rd party tool for our syllabi for the Fall term.  We have disabled the native Canvas syllabus tool in our templates.  The issue is that although it is disabled, it still shows in navigation for the Instructor.  We don't want them to be confused (more likely with new users).  

There has been a post that suggests injecting javascript/css but we want to stay away from that.

Any ideas or suggestions would be great!


Courtney Volpe


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Agree!  Although the Canvas syllabus is very good - our college will also be using a 3rd party product.

Would be great if the Canvas Syllabus could be hidden, disabled at the acct level, turned off or ??? to hide the tool for faculty and students for all courses.

My guess the functionality of the syllabus is linked to dates/ to do etc - so not that easy to change but thought I would ask...