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Manage Users no-longer in our Instance

We have a 10,000 license user instance however have 50,000 users within our instance and have approximately 3,000 (comprising of staff and students) leaving our instance.  We currently don't have a mechanism in which to identify current and past users within the instance how are other administrators managing this issue?

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Hi @RickBone ,

While we don't generally ever remove users from our instance (so they can find their archived concluded courses later on for reference), I have a general idea of how I would go about it if we wanted to (assuming you use terms for your courses).  I'm going to hope you have at least some excel experience and can kind of follow along below.

If the account settings area, the reports tab should give you access to some handy things.  In this case, you'd likely want to run the provisioning report.  I'd select users, sections, courses, and enrollments for all terms.

Once that runs, you can download the zip file, which should have 4 CSVs.  You can open each CSV in excel and move them to a single workbook for easier use.  From here, you just need to do a few simple formulas to determine when a user last had an enrollment...  On the enrollment sheets, create a column for course... in this column do a vlookup on the section with the sections sheet, and return the course.  Now that you have a the course, you can do another column to determine the term of the enrollment.  Do a vlookup on the course with the courses sheet and return the term..  Now that the term is populated, you can sort the entire enrollment sheets by the term column (newest term first).

Finally, you'll want to go to the users tab and create a column for their most recent enrollment...  This column is a vlookup of their user is against the enrollments sheet, returning the term.  You can then either sort or filter by the last enrolled term to determine which users haven't been enrolled recently.

This is just one way to do things, and the method would also vary if you don't use terms.  Hopefully this helps a bit.  If you're not too familiar with excel (or especially the vlookup formula), feel free to post back and I'm sure someone from the community will go into further detail for you!