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Max # of Sub-Accounts in an account?

Is there a maximum number of Sub-Accounts that is supported in a specific account?

I have an account with over 500 sub-accounts, largely due to some old logic for our automation, and i've noticed that it won't display the list when trying to view them as an administrator, and I wasn't sure if there was a limit where it won't let more be created.

I plan on adjusting our integration to clean this up and have it make more sense, but was still curious if there were any limits on this.

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Community Coach

Hello there, @hayesb ...

I wasn't able to find anything in the documentation that specified a limit to the number of sub-accounts.  However, have you tried reaching out to the folks at the Canvas Help Desk to see if they might be able to give you specifics on this?  They may have access to that kind of information for you.  If you do reach out to them, please come back to provide an update for us so we know what the limit may or may not be.  Thanks!

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I have not seen that issue and we have a few thousand sub-accounts as we created sub-accounts from the Banner ERP system with the following hierarchy for distributed admin roles per each one of these levels:

----------- College/School (e.g. Colllege of Sciences)
----------------------------------- Division (e.g. Social Sciences)
------------------------------------------------ Department (e.g. Sociology)
-------------------------------------------------------------------- Course (SOC-1010)
-------------------------------------------------------------------- Course (SOC-2010)

I have found it easiest that I only click the down arrow in the area I am looking into drilling down to a course level as its not easy to navigate or see the entire list at ome time, maybe a API call or provisioning report to excel might help in those cases?

Hope this helps