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Michelin Star Menus..

We have been encouraging departments to create engaging and eye-catching Home Pages for their courses. Here is a selection of ones shared with me. I wrote a Help Guide to take staff through it - click here

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I love this Gideon! Thank you very much for sharing.

That's very kind of you. Its always good to share and show off other colleagues work! Sometimes we don't do enough of this as teachers :O( Always far too self critical...

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Please do click over to Primary/Elementary Home Pages – examples please where  @Bobby2 ‌ is looking for examples to support her schools' implementation and development of Canvas

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This is GOLD  @GideonWilliams Thank you! And please thank your people for sharing.

Must update it sometime... I do like the fact that staff take different approaches. Whilst I appreciate the concern this may have for students, it was the one thing I was not going to give up/remove. Was a huge help in engaging teachers with the platform, making them feel comfortable with the digital space and also giving them the chance to do things in ways that added value to their existing practice.

It's a gem of a resource. I totally agree with your reasons for letting people design according to their needs/wants.

Do you also have templates for those who don't know where to start?

We started this without the benefit of Blueprint courses and tbh I did not consider creating templates only in that I did not want to have to spend lots of time changing types of buttons to suit particular needs interests (via dabuttongenerator).

Hindsight is of course 20:20 vision, and perhaps I would have adopted a Henry Ford approach to say you can have any front page you like as long as it is button generated and linking to Modules.

The biggest issue I have with the front page design is the inability to filter an action via the button. I so wish there was the option to filter Modules via a link. We have many 2 year courses with lots and lots of different units, so some courses have more than 10 modules - each with text headers and sub-sections.

I need to go looking for an idea for that or make one up if there is not one already out there...

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Hi Gideon,  

Is this item still available?  I tried going to your link and it says it's not available.  Thanks.

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Link now fixed  @dskinner ‌ with slight amendment to one of the pages as I/you can no longer edit from Word 365 so I have to use Pixlr (online graphics editor)

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