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Missing the Last Interaction Info

Missing last interaction for all students. 

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Hi  @dianepbh  - Can you explain more about where you're expecting to see the last interaction? Also, did you mean to start this as a discussion or was this a question you need a specific answer to?

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I am testing the BETA Analytics. When I click on REPORT A BUG or PROVIDE FEEDBACK, it brings me to this forum to post. Hence, the information landing here. Apparently neither of those buttons is super clear!

Huh. That is certainly weird. Let's tag Priority: Analytics 2‌ and see if anyone has insight into where those links should be going...

Community Team
Community Team

 @tdelillo ‌ &  @dianepbh ‌ we'll check into those buttons.  The 'report a bug' button shouldn't be there much longer.  

You can take a shortcut to the feedback section by going straight to the User Group: Analytics Beta