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Moderate Quiz permission setting?


I am trying to figure out what permission quiz moderation falls into? I am looking under Course Roles and I see a 'Discussions - moderate' but not one for quizzes. Is the only way to allow teachers to moderate a quiz is to give them edit capabilities for the quiz? 

We have a number of different associate professors that teach our courses and we don't want them to be able to edit the course content, but we also get frequent requests to allow a student with a disability extra time on quizzes. We'd like to be able to give that power to the teachers.

Thank you!


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You might want to start to look at Quizzes.Next. If I remember, one of the things that Quizzes.Next was going to allow for is to set a student's disability requirements once and then it would carry throughout the rest of the course quizzes. 

John Boekenoogen
Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University - Worldwide

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Here is a link for more information regarding Moderating Quizzes Next