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At our college, we have a course template that is built out and imported into each online course before any content is added into the course. The first module is titled "Information: Getting Started" and provides students with pertinent information for taking an online course at our institution.

I wanted to be able to lock the first module down so that the student cannot see any other course information until they have read through all the content pages and taken the acceptance quiz, which is stating that they agree to and understand the information that was presented. Once the student reads the information and takes the quiz, all course content in the Modules area will be available. I don't want them to have access to this before the first module had been completed.

Since the eLearning office is the one creating the template, I want us to be able to lock down the first module so that it's already setup for the instructors before they add their content into the class. This way they won't have to remember to go through and lock down all of their other module with a prerequisite of the first module.

Do you have any suggestions of how I can lock down the first module either with the content pages, quiz, or module settings before the template is added to the instructor's course?

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